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Good Son Ryan Gosling Once Got Meryl Streep to Compliment His Mom’s Beehive Hairdo

A good talk-show host knows there’s always material in getting celebrities to talk about their moms. So gifted with charmers like Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Sienna Miller, and, um, Ben Affleck, Graham Norton set to work getting the best mom stories. The winner: total sweetie-pie Ryan Gosling, who got Meryl Streep to say nice things about his mom’s out-of-fashion beehive hairdo, though Emma Stone’s story about her mom pretending not to know Brangelina is a close second.

If you haven’t reached your full Gosling adorableness quota yet, Norton also got Ryan to confront his dark, glittery past, showing a clips of the young Canadian’s appearance in a dancing competition. Also in the clip: Ryan provides the world with an excellent reaction GIF, which you are free to deploy in your own life as needed.

Ryan Gosling Got Meryl to Compliment His Mom