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Ryan Gosling Would Happily Appear in Atlanta

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Imagine you’re watching the Golden Globes again, and the cast of Atlanta is taking the stage behind Donald Glover as he accepts the award for Best Musical or Comedy TV Series. Everyone is hugging. Glover is holding the trophy. Keith Stanfield is doing his incredible hip-swivel dance. And if Ryan Gosling had his wish, he would have been standing right up there with them, swelling with pride at how far their upstart show had come. That’s at least the revisionist history one could choose to go by, now that we know Gosling is a big fan of Atlanta and would be happy to play a part on it if he could. “I don’t know if there’s a place for me on the show Atlanta,” he told Metro U.K., “but I’m a big fan of that show.” The newest jewel in the FX crown won’t return to air until 2018 to accommodate scheduling conflicts, giving Glover & Co. plenty of time to ponder a place for Gosling in the cast — like maybe in a showdown between Earn and the Gos for the heart of Van. Huge bonus points if they have any character explaining the power of jazz to him.