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Sadako v Kayako Trailer: A Clash of Japanese Horror Titans

The movie Rings is coming out later this year to resurrect the legend of Samara the well girl and her cursed tape that will bring about your death seven days after you first see it. But if the third American remake of a classic Japanese horror myth isn’t quite enough to satiate you, then you might want to go straight for the mainline with Sadako v Kayako, which is like the Freddy vs. Jason of J-Horror. It pits the demons Sadako Yamamura (Ringu) and Kayako Saeki (Ju-On) against one another in an ultimate ghost-horror showdown, because the only way for us to survive is if they vanquish each other. Kayako has even brought her terrifying tiny colleague Toshio along for backup. The madcap supernatural brawl for all is a Shudder streaming-service exclusive release, and it will be bowing online January 26.

Sadako v Kayako Trailer: A J-Horror Titan Clash