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Manifesto Trailer: You Get 13 Cate Blanchetts for the Price of One

Prepare yourselves, Blanchettheads, because your queen is going to show up 13 (!) different times throughout the course of her new film Manifesto. The film stems from German artist and filmmaker Julian Rosefeldt’s multi-screen video exhibition shown at the New York Park Avenue Armory this past winter for it, Blanchett portrayed 13 unique characters in their own vignettes who all deliver some form of profound manifesto. (You’ll get to see her as a homeless man, a mob widow, a construction worker, and a news anchor, for instance. Hooray!) Her entire dialogue is specifically taken directly from famous art-world manifestos, and the reassembled film is described as “an homage to the 20th century’s most impassioned artistic statements and innovators.” It’ll make its world premiere at Sundance later this month.

See 13 Cate Blanchetts in the Manifesto Trailer