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David Bowie’s ‘No Plan’ Music Video Is an Eerie Tribute to the Legend

Nearly a year after David Bowie died at the far-too-young age of 69, a music video for one of the legend’s final recordings, “No Plan,” has debuted with the full support of his estate on what would’ve been his 70th birthday. The melancholy, meditative video was chosen to accompany the Lazarus soundtrack tune, which was one of three previously unreleased songs Bowie penned for his musical. (The other two being “Killing a Little Time” and “When I Met You.”) In the video, a Newton Electrical display window which Bowie fans could tell you is a reference to his character, Thomas Newton, in The Man Who Fell to Earth — contains a row of televisions that showcase the song’s lyrics during an rainy evening. You might get a little weepy watching the action unfold. Viva La Starman.

See the Music Video for David Bowie’s ‘No Plan’