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See the Trailer for Raw, the French Cannibal Horror Film That Made People Pass Out at TIFF

The French film Raw gained an early bit of infamy last year when it became known on the internet as that movie making people faint at the Toronto International Film Festival. But to list it simply as a cannibal horror movie is to vastly undersell the emotional deftness of director Julia Ducournau’s excellent coming-of-age film. Raw follows the academically exceptional but socially awkward Justine as she sets off for veterinary school, where she will greet all the typical challenges of a young girl standing on her own two feet for the first time — hazing, parties, curious sexual encounters, and so on. But, like you may have heard, there’s cannibalism, too, which adds a massive wrinkle to Justine’s journey into adulthood. Actress Garance Marillier, 18, is staggering in the lead role of Justine, and together with Ducournau they weave some very dark magic into Raw, which will be the horror film to beat in 2017.

See the Trailer for French Cannibal Movie Raw