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Daniel Day-Lewis Is Hanging Out in a Graveyard for the New Paul Thomas Anderson Movie

No one knows exactly what to expect from the new Daniel Day-Lewis and Paul Thomas Anderson collaboration, except that it has something to do with the fashion scene in 1950s London. A photographer’s photos from the Yorkshire set don’t reveal much (or any) detail about the production, except for the obvious: It looks pretty interesting. It’s also Day-Lewis’s first time back in costume since Lincoln in 2012.

Photo: Photographs Courtesy Of Glenn Kilpatrick - Whitby England UK
Photographs Courtesy Of Glenn Kilpatrick - Whitby England UK

According to locals, the crew is rumored to be filming in Yorkshire coastal villages, including on some fishing boats, through February. Anticipating a new Paul Thomas Anderson movie happens in stages: First you scour the internet, looking for an inkling of an idea as to what the upcoming project could be about. Then you make predictions, before admitting that you have no idea what to expect, only that it will be impressive. For the record, though, our prediction — that the movie is about real-life capricious fashion designer Charles James — still seems plausible.

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