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Seth Gives Trump’s Inauguration Spectacle a Closer Look

Back in the early days of the scramble to book talent for Donald Trump’s inauguration, anonymous talent bookers claimed that Trump’s Presidential Inaugural Committee offered ambassadorships to a booker who could guarantee great performers. In his closer look at Trump’s prepresidential prep, Seth Meyers looks upon that time fondly, since no A-listers ever agreed to sign on. In a very laugh-to-keep-from-crying kind of way, the spectacular artifice to cover up the inauguration’s shortcomings is hilarious. Seth rolls footage of the the chairman of the inauguration team telling CNN that three of the world’s biggest stars will be attending the event: President Obama, President-elect Trump, and D.C. itself. “So your two celebrities are two people who have to be there,” Seth says, “and the city it takes place in?” Celebrity is in the eye of the beholder, folks.

Seth Gives Trump’s Inauguration a Closer Look