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Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at Trump’s Love for Russia and WikiLeaks, and His Dismissal of Meryl Streep and Government Ethics

With less than two weeks to go before Donald Trump officially holds the highest office in America, Seth Meyers pulled out his reliable Closer Look segment to examine what we know about Trump’s current state of mind, and the answer is a lot of disjointed tweets. Since Trump has refused to hold a press conference after winning the election and only grants limited interviews, we’re left to interpret the written word of the self-titled “Ernest Hemingway of Twitter.” Meyers’s findings? Praise for “V.” Putin, shrugs for Meryl Streep, and a seeming disdain for U.S. intelligence agencies. All of these tweets have been widely reported, but Meyers’s main concern was one point Trump hasn’t been writing about on Twitter: the Republican effort to push hearings for Trump appointments in the next week, despite the lack of completed customary government-ethics screenings.

Seth Meyers Took a Closer Look at Trump’s Tweets