Seth Meyers Shares Some Thoughts on the Unverified Trump/Russia Report on ‘Late Night’

Here’s a clip from last night’s Late Night, where Seth Meyers shares a few thoughts about CNN’s recent report about Russia and Trump and Buzzfeed’s decision to publish the full unverified dossier alleging that Trump hired Russian prostitutes to pee on a hotel bed that the Obamas stayed in while in Moscow. “Look, nobody wants to believe that Trump paid Russian hookers to pee all over a bed more than I do, but there is zero proof that happened. Plus, I find it hard to believe that Trump actually paid somebody for services rendered,” Meyers points out. He also argues that it’s time to retire the term “fake news” now that Trump is using it for any news outlet he doesn’t like now. “‘Fake news’ as a term is busted. It was like the first time you heard your dad say ‘fo shizzle’ and immediately thought ‘Well, that’s over.’” Check out the full clip above.

Seth Meyers Shares Some Thoughts on the Unverified […]