Seth Meyers Takes a Final ‘Closer Look’ at the Political News of 2016

Here’s a clip from the final Late Night of 2016, where Seth Meyers embarks on one more “Closer Look” segment where he manages to sum up the entire year in political news, from the Hillary Clinton email scandal to Bernie Sanders and his bird to Donald Trump defending his penis size during a debate, not to mention Ben Carson’s very busy year having private closet meetings with Ted Cruz, getting stuck and confused on his way out to the debate, and being hired by Trump post-election. “Ben Carson is amazing. First he’s in a closet, then he’s in a hallway, and now he’s in the cabinet,” Meyers says. “Ben Carson is like that tennis racket you keep meaning to take to Goodwill.”

Seth Meyers Takes a Final ‘Closer Look’ at the […]