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Seth Meyers Gives Trump’s Infamous ‘Fake News’ Press Conference a Closer Look

Now that “fake news” has become quite the overused crutch, Seth Meyers suggests we need to reposition it in our cultural vocabulary. Using the term as an insult — as President-elect Donald Trump did in his press conference this week — might actually work for some fun: “I do hope ‘You are fake news’ makes it into the lexicon as a sassy comeback,” Meyers said. Trump’s own bit of empty spectacle — including the prop table of supposed business documents Trump said he’d signed, but look totally blank — was called out in the segment: “Even if you were doing a middle-school play, you’d write something on the folders to make it look real,” Meyers said. But remember: Now that facts don’t matter, “fake news” is poised to be 2017’s real diss.

Seth Gives Trump’s Fake-News Presser Closer Look