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Seth Gives Trump’s First Days — And His TV Diet — a Closer Look

You know that delicate age in a child’s upbringing when parents scold their kids for watching too much TV? That’s what’s happening in the Trump White House, according to Seth Meyers’s latest Closer Look segment. Examining the new POTUS’s first five days in office, Seth compares him to a man-child both frustrated and soothed by television: Lines from his inauguration speech seemed lifted from Batman villain Bane’s address in The Dark Knight Rises, and a tweet storm about Chicago violence was an obvious regurgitation of a Bill O’Reilly report. Referencing a Politico story reporting that the president’s aides have to “push back privately against the president’s worst impulses” — including limiting his TV time and asking him to focus on policy — Seth concludes that basically the Trump White House is exactly as bizarre as we’d all imagined.

Seth Gives Trump’s First Days a Closer Look