Simon Rich Explains His Decision to Reboot ‘Man Seeking Woman’ in Season 3

Season 3 of Simon Rich’s comedy Man Seeking Woman is currently airing on FXX, and during a panel discussion at TCA today, Rich explained why he decided to approach the new season as a reboot and opportunity to “expand the show’s world” instead of a continuation of past seasons. Here’s what Rich said:

This season, I really wanted us to challenge ourselves to take a much bigger swing than we had before. Fortunately I work for John Landgraf; I asked his permission to completely reboot our show. I wanted it to be way more ambitious this year. Instead of focusing on issues like blind dates and office crushes, I wanted to examine an adult relationship from inception to wedding day, to be completely serialized, and at least half of the episodes to feature a female protagonist.

Thankfully for Rich, FX CEO John Landgraf responded to his request with, simply, “Cool.”

Simon Rich Explains His Decision to Reboot ‘Man […]