‘SNL’ Suspended a Writer Over a Barron Trump Joke, So Dan Harmon Offered Her a Job

Yesterday, SNL made headlines after it was announced that writer Katie Rich has been suspended “indefinitely” from the show over a joke she tweeted out Friday that referenced Donald Trump’s 10-year-old son Barron. While not everyone is defending the joke in question – and Rich was quick to offer a public and sincere apologySNL alums and other comedians have been showing tons of support for Rich over the past day:

Another comedian who came to Rich’s support was Dan Harmon, who responded to the controversy with a job offer:

As Co.Create points out, there’s an “unspoken rule” in politics that children are off-limits when it comes to jokes, but that rule hasn’t really been followed by SNL over the years – remember when Mike Myers and Dana Carvey mocked Chelsea Clinton, Chris Farley played Rudy Giuliani’s son, or the “Bush Twins” sketch with Amy Poehler and Tina Fey? This all goes without mentioning that a comedy show fired a comedian for tweeting a joke, yet Donald Trump has proven that a presidential candidate can not only mock disabled reporters and talk about grabbing women by the pussy and not get fired, but become president. So why is a comedy writer held to a higher standard than the President of the United States?

‘SNL’ Suspended a Writer Over a Barron Trump Joke, So […]