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Stacey Dash’s Contract Was Not Renewed by Fox News

Stacey Dash.

Stacey Dash, professional troll both online and offline, and vocal Trump supporter, will not be returning to Fox News. The Clueless actress (remember the good old days?) made her Fox News debut in 2014, but she hasn’t been seen on-air since last September. The Hollywood Reporter was told that the decision not to renew Dash’s contract was made last fall. Since publicly voting for the Romney-Ryan ticket instead of Obama-Biden in 2012, Dash has remained very vocal about her conservative and often controversial positions. Dash has said that she believes the feminist movement is ruining men, that Black History Month shouldn’t exist, and that trans people should have to pee in the bushes. Since Dash is very abrasive on social media, we have a feeling Twitter will have something to say about the news. Go ahead, Twitter. Do your thing.

Stacey Dash Done at Fox News