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Stephen Colbert Discusses President Trump’s Monumental Plans … Which He’ll Start Working on Right After a Chill Weekend

As Stephen Colbert discussed on the Late Show last night, Donald Trump has wisely decided to start doing presidential things next Monday, rather than leap right into his White House itinerary, say, Friday night during one of the inaugural balls. “I don’t want to be signing and get it mixed up with lots of celebration,” the president-elect told the London Times with regard to his leisurely weekend. What’s the worst that could happen if he did, though? He signs into law a big fat piece of delicious cake? He pardons the passed apps? He starts jotting down legislation on the cocktail napkins and next thing you know, being Rosie O’Donnell is punishable by the death penalty? Yeah, maybe he’s got the right idea.

Stephen Colbert Discusses Trump’s Weekend Plans