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Law & Order: SVU to Air a Roger Ailes–Inspired Episode

FOX News Channel Chairman And CEO Roger Ailes - Portraits
Photo: Wesley Mann/FOX News via Getty Images

There are few higher supervillain honors than having the alleged crimes you’ve committed inspire a Law & Order: SVU episode, and former Fox News chief Roger Ailes is finally getting his day in the sun, according to TVLine. SVU will dedicate one of its upcoming procedural hours to a story line inspired by the sexual-abuse allegations leveled against Ailes by telling the story of a powerful news organization figure, a female anchor at his network “who is carrying a dark secret,” and an anchor “willing to do anything to get ahead.” As The Hollywood Reporter points out, the Ailes-inspired story line will (thankfully) be replacing JonBenét Ramsey as Hollywood’s true-crime obsession in the near future, with a limited series, a scripted feature, and a rumored documentary from Going Clear’s Alex Gibney all in the works about the fallen Fox CEO.

SVU to Air a Roger Ailes–Inspired Episode