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Tina Fey Gets the Hologram Treatment on SNL, Presumably to Avoid Jury Duty

Rogue One’s Felicity Jones made her SNL hosting debut this past weekend, kicking off the 2017 set of shows that are bound to continue agitating a certain president-elect. But even renegade women get nervous every now and then, so, to help combat those monologue jitters, a wise (and tastefully Eileen Fisher–clad) Tina Fey decided to hologram onto the stage to bestow a few words of wisdom. Nervous about hosting? If Steven Seagal can do it, so can you. Does Leslie Jones end a scene acting angry and horny? That means the writers couldn’t think of anything else, duh. Thoughts on how to avoid jury duty? Sadly, nothing.

Tina Fey Gets the Hologram Treatment on SNL