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Trevor Noah Takes Donald Trump and Steve Harvey to Task for Attempting to Sully MLK Weekend

You would think that on the one weekend of the year reserved for commemorating the civil rights movement’s greatest leader, Donald Trump and Steve Harvey would keep their mouths shut. Beginning last week, Harvey successfully reinserted himself into the news by first making racist jokes about Asian men and then meeting with Donald Trump in an extreme reversal of damage control to discuss housing issues. A head-scratcher indeed. But, please, allow Roy Woods Jr.’s Steve Harvey on The Daily Show to explain why exactly Harvey so badly (and intentionally) misinterpreted President Obama’s guidance: “Well, white folks blamed Obama for eight years, I can’t do it once?” And if you can get through that, stick around for Trevor Noah’s skewering of Trump’s attacks on Representative John Lewis over MLK weekend for a lesson in surviving Trump’s America as a black person living in it. Sad!

Trevor Noah Blasts Donald Trump and Steve Harvey