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Trevor Noah Explains Dad Obama’s Responsibilities When Preparing for Baby Trump

As the man in charge of looking after America’s well-being for the past eight years, President Obama has some experience playing dad-in-chief, but instead of amicably preparing the house for a new step-father, Trevor Noah posits that Obama is really baby-proofing the position. Noah explains that, like welcoming a newborn into the home, it’s an undertaking: “For as much as you chose this little shit, you know it’s probably going to destroy the place.” As such, it’s been up to Obama to take precautions to try to save American land from oil drilling and the like by designating portions of it as national monuments and coming out with scathing reports about Chicago’s police and Guantánamo Bay prisoners that Trump and his people wouldn’t want to publish. Now, if only Obama could change the Affordable Care Act’s name to include gold in the title, maybe he could save that too.

Trevor Noah Explains Dad Obama and Baby Trump