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Triumph the Insult-Comic Dog Roasted Enough Trump Supporters for a Second Video

In the divided America we find ourselves in, it came as a welcome surprise — verging on borderline miracle — that Trump supporters at the president’s inauguration would gleefully laugh at seven minutes of Triumph the Insult-Comic Dog’s roasting, but that wasn’t even all of the puppet’s jokes. In a clip of outtakes, Triumph found even more Trump voters willing to laugh at his jabs about urine, unpaid workers, and, of course, the president’s hair. (“We’re going to run out of hair jokes. It’s a nightmare for comedians.”) Unfortunately, not everyone thought his humor was so funny — Triumph had to explain the difference between bullying jokes and jokes that just don’t land — and there was one about journalists that might have hit just a little too close to home for some late-night bloggers.

Triumph Has 2 Videos of Trump Inauguration Jokes