Turn Anne Hathaway Into a Monster With This Colossal Slider

Photo: Cate Cameron/Cate Cameron/Colossal

In the new movie Colossal (out April 7, and just announced as part of the lineup for South by Southwest), Anne Hathaway already has enough on her plate to deal with — including a breakup and a humbling return to her hometown — before she discovers one last, fairly significant thing: She’s also a monster. Or, to be more specific, Hathaway can inadvertently manifest a monster simply by stumbling across a children’s sandbox near her home, at which point this gigantic Groot-beast will appear in South Korea, mimicking her every moment. But how do you prove a power this far-fetched to a group of skeptical friends, including Jason Sudeikis and Tim Blake Nelson? Simple: You dance. Below, use a special slider to switch between Hathaway’s I’ll-prove-it-to-you boogie and the Hatha-monster’s replicated dance moves a continent away, and marvel that a movie could contain something this delightfully odd, as well as much, much more.

Turn Anne Hathaway Into a Colossal Monster