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Una Trailer: Rooney Mara Won’t Forgive or Forget Ben Mendelsohn and Their Past

Though theater director Benedict Andrews’s debut film, Una, has yet to find a stateside distributor, the well-reviewed Telluride and Toronto Film Festival indie is making its way to Singapore. Adapted by playwright David Harrower from his staged show Blackbird, the movie, like the play, is a tough watch. Rooney Mara stars as a young woman who has strong romantic feelings for a man (Ben Mendelsohn), who sexually abused her 15 years before. Though the flashbacks are not explicit, the young woman’s obsession with the man who destroyed her childhood and the unease of knowing she could ruin his current life anytime she chooses gives way to a provocative, twisted thriller. Watch the trailer above.

Una Trailer: Rooney Mara Won’t Forget Abuser