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Van Jones Discusses How, Unlike You ‘Data Dummies,’ He Foresaw Trump’s Presidential Win

CNN contributor and the host of The Messy Truth Van Jones stopped by Conan last night to discuss the signs and symptoms of an impending Trump presidency. While there weren’t a ton of time travelers blinking into existence this fall, drawing the eye with their shiny futuristic jumpsuits and slapping everyone’s ballots out of their hands, there was a palpable difference in the level of supporter enthusiasm shown for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Even Democrats, Jones explains, didn’t really turn out for Clinton like they did for Obama. Which could have been brought to the nation’s attention yesterday, had voters not been so consumed with polls and charts and graphs predicting a handy victory for Hillary. Well, if the time travelers show up the day after the inauguration, that’s egg on everyone’s face except Van Jones.

Van Jones Discusses How He Foresaw Trump’s Win