Judge Rules a Bank Will Continue to Oversee Prince’s Estate, Not Van Jones

Prince. Photo: Bertrand Guay/AFP/Getty Images

After a long and muddled fight for the keys to Prince’s empire, there’s finally some clarity about who will get control of the music legend’s legacy. A Minneapolis judge has ruled that Comerica Bank & Trust N.A will be the permanent corporate administrator over Prince’s estate going forward. Because Prince died last April without leaving behind a will, another bank, Bremer Trust, was temporarily put in charge of overseeing Prince’s assets — including Paisley Park and his mysterious vault — while his six siblings duked it out in court. Earlier this month, Prince’s good friend and one-time lawyer Van Jones (yep, that Van Jones) filed legal paperwork to try to become a co-personal representative for Prince’s estate (along with another former Prince lawyer, L. Londell McMillan), but that bid has now formally been rejected. According to the judge, an individual representative for Prince’s life’s work isn’t necessary and could present conflicts of interest. It’s the first time all of Prince’s siblings are said to be in agreement on who will be calling the shots on matters regarding Prince’s estate.

Van Jones Loses Bid to Oversee Prince’s Estate