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Let’s Imagine What Was Said During This Very Dramatic Oscars Photo Shoot

For those actors in the running for major awards, now is the winter of content: interviews, roundtables, and most of all, photo shoots. Sometimes those photo shoots are very silly. Sometimes they are oddly grim. For its movie issue, W magazine commissioned a series of covers featuring pairs of actors in, well, unconventional poses. How did it happen? Let’s go on a journey of pure imagination.

Ruth Negga: “I love your earring.”
Natalie Portman: “No, I love your earring.”
Ruth: “Why’d we each only get one?”

Matthew McConaughey: “I hear you talk to aliens.”
Amy Adams: “Yes, in my movie I play a character named Dr. Louise Banks, who is the world’s foremost linguist. She goes on this fascinating journey where —”
Matthew McConaughey: “Say hi to Dave for me. He’s from Pluto.”

Emma Stone, under her breath: “Ryan would’ve shaved.”
Casey Affleck, under his breath: “Matt said I didn’t have to.”

Photographer: “So the idea for this one is ‘looking for a third, open to choking.’”

Nicole Kidman: “Come with me to Australia. It’s beautiful in Australia.”
Mahershala Ali: “I can’t breathe.”

Imagine What Was Said in This Oscars Photo Shoot