Migos Have Already Given Us the Best Music Video of 2017

Have you seen The Revenant? Of course you have. Well, Migos’ new video for “T-Shirt” is a lot like that if The Revenant had tripled its fur budget, was set in a time when snowmobiles and ski lodges existed, and if Leo DiCaprio thought to just sell drugs as a means of survival. Behold the epic spiritual successor to that Oscar winner, also set in the frozen tundra in what looks like a tremendously more pleasant experience than what Leo and Tom Hardy endured. Migos don’t get attacked by bears; they just wear one. Remember when Quavo shot a guy from afar in the group’s very funny Atlanta cameo? Turns out, he’s even sharper with a bow and arrow. Call him Quavo Everdeen.

Watch Migos’ Revenant-Inspired New Video