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Tinashe’s ‘Company’ Music Video Reminds You That, If Nothing Else, at Least 2017 Will Bring You More Tinashe

Britney’s heir apparent and one of the pop highlights of 2016, Tinashe released the video to her song “Company” yesterday, reminding you that, unless something goes terribly awry (and it probably might), her second album, Joyride, will be released at some point in the future. Yes, of course, time is infinite and she did just release her mixtape Nightride back in November, but still. You have a good feeling about this year. Don’t let yourself get distracted. Speaking of distracting, the “Company” video appears to the untrained eye to be your basic dance video, until you notice the Michel Gondry–style Tetris quilt inexplicably shuffling by on the back wall. Like Tinashe herself, this video has many layers, some of which seem to be old bedsheets, presumably ruined to a Tinashe soundtrack.

Watch the Music Video for Tinashe’s ‘Company’