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I Am Not Your Negro Trailer: James Baldwin’s Words Ring Truer Than Ever

Prior to James Baldwin’s death in 1987, he’d got about 30 pages into what was to be his memoir Remember This House. Now, three decades later, that unfinished work will see completion in a new documentary from Raoul Peck called I Am Not Your Negro. The film, which is already an Oscar contender, uses Baldwin’s unpublished manuscript — which was built on Baldwin’s memories of civil-rights leaders —  to construct an especially prescient conversation on what it means to be black in America. As seen in its first trailer, the doc features Baldwin’s own words, archival footage from interviews, and narration from Samuel L. Jackson to tell this country’s harrowing history of racism: “The story of the negro in America is the story of America.” I Am Not Your Negro opens February 3.

Watch the Trailer for I Am Not Your Negro