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Witchblade Is Not Quite a Witch and Not Quite a Blade, But to Answer Your Question, It Might Be a TV Reboot

Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Fans of the shortlived early 2000s TNT series Witchblade starring Yancy Butler won’t be surprised to see the concept up for potential resurrection. Everyone else will have to fall in love with the sentient alien superweapon known as the Witchblade on their own time. According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Vampire Diaries showrunner Caroline Dries and CSI writer and producer Carol Mendelsohn are currently developing a pilot based on the Marc Silvestri Top Cow Productions comic-book series for NBC. The source material has also been used as the basis of an anime, a manga series, and a novel. The drama will follow the adventures of San Francisco detective Sara Pezzini who, while on the search for a serial killer, discovers the power of the Witchblade, an alien artifact that gives its user supernatural crime-fighting abilities. THR points out that Witchblade is NBC’s first foray back into the superhero genre since it canceled Constantine, based on the DC Comics series of the same name, after one season in 2015.

Witchblade TV Reboot in the Works at NBC