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Wyclef Jean Shows Off His Homemade ‘All Lives Matter’ Music Video

Martin Luther King Jr. is one of history’s most frequently misinterpreted figures, so it’s no surprise that the day intended to honor him has inspired some pretty ignorant interpretations of his words. Wyclef Jean has decided to throw his hat into the ring: The former Fugees front man has used this holiday to remind fans that he is still problematic. “Martin Luther King Jr. fought because all lives matter,” Jean tweeted. With his message, he released a music video to buoy the hot take. Accompanying the GarageBand beat and some fancy fade-out transition shots, here’s a list of what else Jean says matters: “Your life matters. His life matters. Her life matters. And black life matters. Police life matters. Judge life matters. Human rights matter.” Everyone else? Sucks to suck.

Wyclef Jean Debuts All Lives Matter Music Video