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Play The Young Pope Drinking Game

Photo: HBO

You’ve viewed the trailers. You’ve gazed upon the endless supply of memes. Now, it’s finally here — The Young Pope will grace small screens across the country on HBO this Sunday, with Jude Law front and center as the hottest pope known to man. The ten-episode first season follows the (relative) youngster as he ascends to the holy title — the very conservative Lenny Belardo turned Pope Pius XIII — and tries to reshape the Vatican to his liking. To enhance your viewing experience, we’ve created a drinking game fit for the television event of the century. Play with water, wine, or ideally with the pope’s preferred beverage of choice: Cherry Coke Zero. Amen!

Whenever Sister Mary’s lenses transition from dark to light, or from light to dark. Take a sip.

For as long as the pope is giving a speech to the masses. Keep drinking.

Every time someone brings up Venice. Wonder about the mystery, and drink!

Whenever the Venus of Willendorf makes an appearance … Take a sip.

… and whenever a cardinal glances amorously at the Venus of Willendorf. Finish your drink.

Each time the pope dons a new outfit. Quash your covetous desires with a drink.

If a character refers to the pope by his given name, Lenny. Sip, so as to stifle any giggles.

Someone kisses the pope’s hand. Drink!

Every time Cardinal Voiello blackmails someone for the greater good. Drink on behalf of that delightfully conniving man.

Kangaroo sighting! Ponder if it’s CGI while taking a sip.

Whenever the pope brings up his own handsomeness. Roll your eyes and take a sip.

The nuns let loose and partake in a sporting activity. Keep sipping.

Sister Mary lands a basket. What skill! What grace! Finish your drink.

For every jarringly contemporary music cue. Drink!

Establishing shot of Saint Peter’s Square. The huddled beg you to drink.

The pope takes a smoke break. Chug and finish your drink.

For as long as someone speaks Italian in a scene. Thank the concept of captions for existing and keep drinking.

Wait, the Holy See has a Head of Marketing? Of course they do. Drink!

Stop staring at Cardinal Voiello’s fake mole. Repent and take a sip.

The pope winks. Is he not actually a true believer? Drink!