Young Thug Let the Director Annotate His New Music Video to Show All the Ways It Went Hilariously Awry

In what is now the strongest case for having a Grammy for Best Music-Video Fail, Young Thug has released an all-time contender with his video for last year’s “Wyclef Jean.” But don’t thank him. Hell, don’t even award him. Because despite this being Young Thug’s video, he never showed up to the set to film a single thing for it. Instead, all gratitude should go to the video’s director, Ryan Staake, for his heroics in salvaging a completely botched video shoot and turning it into meta-genius. Rather than scrapping the video altogether, Thugger allowed Staake to use what he filmed — lots of models in kid-size cars, kid cops, cop-car bashing, you get the idea — plus audio of Thugger explaining the video’s elaborate treatment combined with a brief clip of Thugger eating Cheetos to use in his absence, and to annotate it all with behind-the-scenes details (no matter how unflattering) on how the whole thing went to shit. Embrace the chaos of 2017’s best/worst music video so far.

Young Thug’s New Video Goes Hilariously Awry