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2016 Election Horror Show Will Be Turned Into a Mini-series by Zero Dark Thirty’s Writers and Producers

Photo: Saul Loeb-Pool/Getty Images

Are you somebody who spent 2016, and the better part of 2015, in a deep hibernation and woke up to find that brash, funny rich dude from The Apprentice as leader of the free world and are wondering how we got here? Or, like most Americans, did you spend that time in a dark twisted panic as you were hit by a constant wave of scandals and think pieces that sent your assumptions that the other political party that was not your own was run by the anti-Christ, but, because you’re a masochist, you want to relive that anguish? Great, because today, just over three months since President Trump was elected, the Zero Dark Thirty writer-and-director dream team Mark Boal and Megan Ellison are pairing back up to create an eight-to-ten-hour mini-series about the presidential race. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Boal, who won the Oscar for writing The Hurt Locker, will write the series based off the research of a crack team of professional political reporters. Is a couple months enough distance to put the election into context? Who knows? It’s a strange, new world.

2016 Election Getting Mini-series From Zero Dark Thirty Team