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Please Excuse Seth Meyers While This List of Things Donald Trump Has Tweeted About Scrolls for an Indeterminate Length of Time

Seth Meyers’s A Closer Look segment has been a clear highlight of the Trump era, but attempting to make sense of the current political landscape seems to be taking a toll on Meyers himself. Take Thursday’s show: As Meyers scrolled through a list of various Trump tweet topics to refute Kellyanne Conway’s claim that the president hasn’t mentioned the Canadian mosque shooting because he “doesn’t tweet about everything,” Meyers used the opportune (and lengthy) pause to take a hearty drink. He then powered through his exasperation to suggest that Trump and Conway’s preoccupation with Ivanka Trump’s jewelry might be a better fit for QVC than the White House. Oh, to only hear those sweet, dulcet tones now …

A List of Trump’s Tweet Topics Drives Seth Meyers to Drink