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Here’s How Allison Williams Justifies Not Being an Indie Darling à la Greta Gerwig

Allison Williams. Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

What was that particularly prescient opening quote from last year’s Anthony Weiner documentary? Ah, yes: “The name of a man is a numbing blow from which he never recovers.” The same goes for white actresses looking to make a splash in indie film: A name can make or break you professionally, according to Allison Williams. The Girls star told Allure that her career could’ve gone in a totally different direction had she chosen a less generic name. “I think if I’d used my middle name professionally — Howell Williams — I’d have a totally different career. I’d be an indie darling,” she said. And then, the kicker: “I’d be fighting with Greta Gerwig for parts.” Fair enough: If Allison Williams was almost completely different in every way and named Howell, then yeah, sure — maybe she could have starred in Frances Ha.

Allison Williams Imagines Using Her Middle Name, Howell