don't take him literally

Turns out, American Horror Story Is Only Doing a Season About the 2016 Election Thematically

Sarah Paulson in American Horror Story. Photo: Fox

When Ryan Murphy announced that season seven of American Horror Story would be about the 2016 election, the news seemed like a natural coalescing of concept and execution. But alas, American Horror Story will only relive the trauma of that cultural moment in spirit, as the season is about the election, just not, ya know, literally. Murphy clarified the matter at the Publicists Guild Awards Luncheon, explaining: “The themes of American Horror Story have always been allegories … You will not see [Donald] Trump and [Hillary] Clinton as characters on the show.” As to why he didn’t just say that when Andy Cohen asked as such on Watch What Happens Live, Murphy fingered the boozy venue, saying, “They gave me three martinis in 20 minutes! That’s not good.” Hey, at least the sanctity of your tweets is safe.

American Horror Story Not Literally Doing Season on Election