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Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield Had a Very Specific Game Plan With Their Golden Globes Kiss

Eagle-eyed viewers of the Golden Globes last month might’ve witnessed a tender, smoochy moment between Hollywood hunks Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield in the midst of the glamorous ceremony. Upon the announcement of Ryan Gosling’s win for La La Land, the two seemingly commiserated Reynolds’s loss (for Deadpool) with a long kiss. It was pretty sensual, and it made Blake Lively giggle! But it was not, in fact, a spontaneous makeout session. “It was a ridiculous thing,” Garfield explained on Graham Norton this week. “I said to Ryan Reynolds, if you win, kiss me instead of your wife. And he said, Yeah, that’s great! And the plan was that he would move towards his wife and then at the last minute move towards me. And then he didn’t win, much to our disappointment. I said, We could still just do it. And he was game.” Fair enough. They’re only giving more fuel to the Spiderman and Deadpool fanfic fire.

The Story Behind the Reynolds-Garfield Globes Kiss