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We Need a Senate Hearing About Ashton Kutcher Blowing a Kiss at John McCain in a Senate Hearing

In the beefcake-iest news to come out of Washington since Justin Trudeau visited Tuesday, actor, prankster, and businessman Ashton Kutcher stopped by a Senate committee hearing today to testify about modern slavery and flirt with Senator John McCain. Kutcher is the co-founder of Thorn, an organization dedicated to using technology to identify and track down victims of child trafficking. Per The Hollywood Reporter, at the end of the testimony, McCain joked that Kutcher was “better looking in the movies,” after which Kutcher blew him a kiss. Per the Washington Post, Kutcher took the red eye from L.A. to get to the hearing so he could spend Valentine’s Day dinner with his wife Mila Kunis. Hold this story close, because it’s the one piece of adorable politics news you’re getting today.

Ashton Kutcher Blew a Kiss at John McCain in Senate Hearing