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Why Did Barack Obama, a Mature Adult, Want to Watch Monster Trucks?

We are gathered here today to ask the last big important question of the Obama era: Why, mere days before he handed over the White House to Donald Trump, did a powerful and intelligent man named Barack Hussein Obama II ask to watch the unholy abomination called Monster Trucks? Anonymous sources dished to The Hollywood Reporter that the Obama White House’s final screener requests included the movie that’s literally about a monster who lives in (and operates) a truck. Could it be that Obama — unlike everyone else in America, including the people who made it — saw something promising in the idea of an animal-pickup hybrid? Obama is a cool dad. He knows better than to presume to know the movie habits of his cool family. Is it that he’s a big fan of Lucas Till and his symmetrical jaw? Maybe Obama is simply an optimist. Or maybe it wasn’t Barack at all who requested the movie, but another one of Joe Biden’s little pranks.

Why Did Barack Obama, a Mature Adult, Watch Monster Trucks?