Battlestar Galactica Star Richard Hatch Dead at 71

Photo: Getty Images/Scott Gries

Richard Hatch, best known for his turns in both the original 1978 Battlestar Galactica television series and on its subsequent Sci-Fi Channel reboot from 2004 to 2009, died today in Los Angeles at the age of 71. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the longtime TV actor was receiving treatment for stage-four pancreatic cancer. While Hatch appeared in a variety of television roles, including performances on All My Children, Hawaii Five-O, and Dynasty, the actor had a long-standing love affair with the world of Battlestar Galactica. In addition to portraying Captain Apollo and Tom Zarek in the initial series and Ronald D. Moore’s remake respectively, the Golden Globe–nominated actor wrote three novels within the movie’s universe, hosted Battlestar Galactica panels on the convention circuit, and created his own reality show entitled Who the Frak about his post-BG life. Hatch is survived by a son, Paul.

Battlestar Galactica Actor Richard Hatch Dead at 71