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Bernie Sanders and Bill Nye Pitch Trump on the Economic Value of Dealing With Climate Change

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders and beloved TV science guru Bill Nye the Science Guy convened on Facebook today to pitch the economic argument for tackling climate change, a pitch they’re hoping might sway POTUS despite his disheartening previous comment dismissing climate change as a Chinese hoax. “The long-term implications are potentially catastrophic,” Nye says of having a president who is hypothetically unconcerned with a rapidly shifting environment. “It is reasonable to me that, if we can show an economic benefit to turning things around, we can turn things around,” he offers. The two go on to discuss the job creation that would result from the country’s decision to switch over to a sustainable energy infrastructure, the high financial costs of rising sea tides on American cities, and the influence of shifting weather patterns on already-unstable areas of the world, among other incredibly important points. And hey, if the economic argument doesn’t take, there are roughly 5,000,000,000 other reasons the Trump administration should care about climate change we can turn to next.

Bernie Sanders and Bill Nye Pitch Trump on Climate Change