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This Jude Law Japanese Pepsi Commercial Won a Costume Designers Guild Award Over Beyoncé’s ‘Hold Up’

The Costume Designers Guild handed out their awards last night, with the Excellence in Short Form Design category pitting Jude Law’s Pepsi commercial against Beyoncé’s video for “Hold Up.” Costume designer Ami Goodheart was the winner for the impressive design work in the long-form Pepsi commercial “Momotaro,” which beat out the iconic yellow gown and colorful streetwear in the Lemonade segment (and, because this category contains multitudes, the costume designer for Wes Anderson’s H&M ad was also nominated). The winning ad reimagined a Japanese folk tale, with Law playing an ex-monk who turns into a demon gladiator when he’s betrayed and banished by the village he protected. As the bad guy, Law battles the young warrior Momotaro (“Peach Boy”). “Pulling inspiration from London punks in the ’70s and ancient Shogun — everything from a child king in a 28-foot cape covered in thousands of hand-painted gold feathers, to a dog-boy raised by wolves in the Andes has been realized,” Goodheart told the guild. For what it’s worth, Young Pope Lenny would be very displeased — His Holiness is more of a Cherry Coke guy.

This Japanese Jude Law Pepsi Ad Won an Award Over Beyoncé