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Blood Orange’s Dev Hynes Named New Band, Released Song As Part of That Big MailChimp Promo Campaign

MailChimp would like you to remember them for all your email marketing needs, and if fueling Dev Hynes’s creative output will help them achieve that goal, well, that’s just what they’ll do. The Blood Orange singer-songwriter and musician Bryndon Cook released a new song “Hymn” as the duo VeilHymn earlier this month, and as Pitchfork pointed out, damned if the name VeilHymn wasn’t specifically chosen as part of MailChimp’s current rhyming ad campaign, which also includes works featuring similarly oblique titles like MailShrimp, KaleLimp, and WhaleSynth, among others. Also released as part of the site’s promotional strategy, “Hymn” is very much in keeping with the rest of Hynes’s oeuvre, so, hey, set yourself up an email newsletter to tell your friends. Use whatever website you feel like.

Blood Orange’s Dev Hynes’s Duo Named After MailChimp Promo