Bob Odenkirk Should Receive a Fake Oscar for His Fake Stephen Colbert in The Late Show: The Movie, Which Is Also Fake

While a guest on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert last night, Bob Odenkirk debuted his perfectly rendered impression of Stephen Colbert in the upcoming fake film The Late Show: The Movie. He absolutely nailed Colbert’s cold, rude delivery, his abrupt changes in topic and, of course, his signature screaming at the audience. And those classic Zika jokes! Hilarious. Who cares. It only made sense, then, for Colbert to debut his impersonation of Bob Odenkirk, and for Bob Odenkirk to subsequently reveal his take on Colbert playing Bob Odenkirk. Jeremy Piven is right. This is probably exactly what it feels like after you’re dead.

Bob Odenkirk Debuts His Stephen Colbert Impression