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The Best British TV Romantic Comedies to Stream Right Now

Photo-Illustration: Maya Robinson/Vulture

When it comes to British romantic comedies, the first images that pop into people’s minds are visions of a dashing Hugh Grant or Colin Firth gracing the big screen in their glory years. With the current rise of rom-coms on television, however, the best shows from across the pond also offer the freshest and funniest takes on modern romance, from the courtships and the marriages to, gasp, the children. Below, Vulture rounds up the best British TV rom-coms from the past decade for your viewing pleasure, all of which are available to stream.

Lovesick (2014 – present)

Formerly known as Scrotal Recall, this amusing series follows the exploits of a young man who gets diagnosed with chlamydia, then begins a quest to inform all of his previous sexual partners about his condition. Along for the adventure of a lifetime are his two best friends, one of whom he has a secret crush on. Don’t be turned off by the show’s former name — it’s very cute!
Where to watch: Netflix

Catastrophe (2015 – present)

An American ad executive (Rob Delaney) visiting London for a business trip has a fleeting and passionate week-long romance with an Irish teacher (the delightful Sharon Horgan), which starts out fantastic, before it’s revealed they unexpectedly made a baby and have to deal with the aftermath. Come for the fresh and honest take on modern romance, stay for the late Carrie Fisher’s role as Delaney’s overbearing mother.
Where to watch: Amazon

Gavin & Stacey (2007 – 2010)

A young woman from Wales and a young man from England have been romancing each other over the phone for months, so when they finally come together to properly meet, their two worlds come crashing together — friends and family and all — as their in-person relationship charmingly begins. Bonus: Pre–Late Show James Corden plays a key supporting role.
Where to watch: Hulu

Threesome (2011 – 2012)

A group of three close friends — a young woman, her boyfriend, and their gay best friend — decide to have a threesome after a particularly wild night of partying, only to discover a few weeks later that the woman became pregnant from it. When she decides against an abortion, the trio choose to raise the child together and not find out who the real father is, in perhaps one of the most overwhelmingly modern arrangements of all time.
Where to watch: Amazon

Chewing Gum (2015 – present)

There are plenty of reasons to check out this hidden gem, but if you need a refresher, Chewing Gum follows a 20-something religious virgin (an excellent Michaela Coel) who wants to learn more about sex and the world around her. While she may be extremely inexperienced in just about everything, she’s finally ready to realize her potential … no matter how awkward it might be.
Where to watch: Netflix

Him & Her (2010 – 2013)

This anti-rom-com explores the simple premise of two 20-something lovebirds who only want to hang out, have sex, and eschew all responsibilities. (Ah, what a life.) Despite their inherent laziness, the two protagonists have a lot of heart, and watching their romance unfold into something more mature is a dirty-joke-filled joy from start to finish.
Where to watch: Hulu

Pulling (2006 – 2009)

Before she co-created Catastrophe, Sharon Horgan was one of the minds behind Pulling, which centers around three dissimilar (and dare we say unlikable) female friends who live together in London as they attempt to navigate their way through romances and life in general. The series’s main takeaway? Single life is definitely not romantic … at all.
Where to watch: Amazon, iTunes

Lost in Austen (2008)

Taking a page right out of the Narnia playbook, an increasingly dissatisfied (and Jane Austen obsessed) young woman in modern-day London gets transported to the setting of Pride and Prejudice via a portal in her bathroom. She lives out all of her period-drama fantasies, romances a few key characters, and might even alter all of the pivotal events in the beloved novel as we know it.
Where to watch: Amazon, Hulu

The Best British TV Rom-Coms to Stream Right Now