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Bruce Springsteen Trolls Trump Following Recent Phone-Call Debacle by Covering ‘Don’t Hang Up’ in Australia

Twice now, Bruce Springsteen has had to burden his Australian fans with chatter about America’s screwups while touring the continent. But, for once, during his show in Melbourne on Thursday, the topic affected them directly. Springsteen addressed reports of Donald Trump’s contentious phone call with Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull — which involved Trump reportedly hanging up on his fellow world leader over a disagreement on refugee entry — as best he knows how: by trolling Trump though song. “We stand before you embarrassed Americans tonight,” he began. “This is a song from 1965 by the Orlons. We’re going to use this to send a letter back home.” That song is “Don’t Hang Up,” which has lyrics alluding to fact-checking and calling the person on the other line a baby. Who knew the Orlons would be so prophetic? But just in case Trump misses the message, the E Street Band’s Steven Van Zandt has also spoken out on the one platform Trump can’t ignore.

Bruce Springsteen Trolls Trump in Australia With Cover