CeeLo Wants to Make Beyoncé His Valentine in ‘Jay-Z’s Girl’ Music Video

If you’re a recording artist releasing songs on Valentine’s Day, you’re probably in one of two camps: writing a love song for your bae, or lamenting the loss of your bae and how you want to win them back. If you’re Gnarly Davidson (a.k.a. CeeLo Green’s new, strange gold-obsessed personality), however, you write a love song for Bey. Spoofing Rick Springfield’s “Jessie’s Girl,” the music video for “Jay Z’s Girl” sees a guy who would do anything to date Beyoncé, even if he is her husband’s “biggest fan.” The posters on the wall show commitment and all, but how does this make him different from, oh, say, everybody in the world? Have you seen Beyoncé?! Get in line.

CeeLo Is Really Into Beyoncé in ‘Jay-Z’s Girl’ Music Video