Chainsmokers Embrace the Nickelback Comparison Thrown at Them With a Mash-up

Certified chart-toppers, if not certifiably universally adored, EDM duo the Chainsmokers read Esquire’s recent article comparing them to music’s long-time punching bag Nickelback, and their response was to create a new mash-up. The aforementioned article argued that the Chainsmokers are “doing for EDM what Nickelback did to post-grunge arena rock: becoming immensely popular by using the worst clichés the genre has to offer, and then taking it down to the river and putting it out of its misery.” The pair replied on Twitter to the article, writing, “It’s not like you to say sorry so …” followed by a video of a song that combined their new release “Paris” with the Canadian power rock band’s most famous hit, “How You Remind Me.”

Chainsmokers Embrace the Nickelback Comparison